Kompozit’all UK

Kompozitor the developers of these unique products for heating and ventilation markets, are made from Composite Plastics. This is the technical name for high-strength glass fibre reinforced resins. Their structure is similar to that of reinforced concrete. The difference is that the composite material consists of resin instead of concrete made of cement, sand and gravel, and of glass fibres thinner than hair instead of steel rods. This then creates reinforced plastics. As you can see below these have developed in time with different products by improving performance by altering the chemical make up. However developing and manufacturing these products is one half of the finished product. 

The second step is how Kompozit'all UK has developed training and installation standards in the different application types to make sure that the projects are finished to the highest standard every time. We also consult with the factory bringing customer requirements forward with new applications and solutions we are asked to solve.

Domestic (Gas & oil)

It began with FuranFlex25 Black which can reach temperatures of 400°C now. The operating temperature is 200°C. When the product was first released the operating temperature was 80°C 

FF25 Black

Domestic (Solid Fuel)

The Black product led to the development of FuranFlex25 RWV which can reach temperatures of 1000°C. The products operating temperature is 450°C


Commercial Heating

Product improvements of FuranFlex25 RWV and Black mean it can now reach lengths of 100M, and 1000mm in diameter. Making it perfect for commercial projects.

FF25 RWV/Black

Ventilation and Kitchen extraction

VentilFlex25 green and RKV were developed for air movement ducts for low temperatures and the more hi-tech for ducting that needed to withstand higher temperatures. The properties that were beneficial in chimneys and flues, have not been transplanted and made suitable for ventilation ducting as well. 

VentilFlex25 Green / VentilFlex25 RKV

Industrial Solution

PolyKamin was developed for huge industrial projects to restore industrial flues with a product that could withstand high levels of corrosion, using the unique composite materials of FuranFlex25 on an industrial scale. The development of the composite plastics over the years allowed these huge projects to be completed with PolyKamin.