FuranFlex25 BLACK

FuranFlex25 Black is a Glass Fibre Reinforced Thermosetting Resin lining and is suitable different type gas fires, gas and oil heating boilers and especially high efficiency and condensing applications, ductwork, pipes and resleeving applications.

The liner is installed into the chimney as a flat flexible hose, inflated with air at only 0.2Bar minimising any stress on the existing structure. The liner is then “steamed”, this process begins a reaction in the resin and once the resin reaches 100° Celsius it sets as hard as steel. Once this reaction has taken place the liner is cured and ready to use.

FuranFlex25 Black has been tested by many leading European accredited testing houses including BSRIA in the UK and is CE approved. FuranFlex25 Black gives a highly corrosion resistant lining, totally waterproof and gas tight and tested to 400° Celsius. FuranFlex25 Black linings have been used for over 12 years in 27 European Countries and well over 3,000,000 metres have been successfully installed with over 12,000 metres successfully installed in the UK over the last 24 months.

Only factory trained and accredited engineers are allowed to install FuranFlex25 to ensure high standards of installation are maintained. FuranFlex25 Black is only 2.5mm thick and can be installed freestanding inside the chimney/duct or pipe. It can also be installed to mould to take the shape of the existing chimney/duct or pipe to maximise the cross sectional area of the chimney/duct or pipe. This reduces the need to fit boost fans or chimney fans saving time, money and maintenance costs.

FuranFlex25 Black is available in diameters from 50mm to in excess of 1000mm and in one piece lengths up to 100 metres. FuranFlex25 Linings are usually installed in one day and the appliances can be used immediately after the lining is “cured”.

FuranFlex25 Black carries both a manufacturers and an insurance backed 25 Year Guarantee.

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